We are Corvette matchmakers!

THE VETTE NET – It was 1998 when Ken Mihai started The Vette Net an online Corvette broker business. You might consider Ken a “pioneer” who successfully created an entirely new business model utilizing the power of the Internet to connect Corvette buyers with sellers.

Ken’s goal was to create a very professional environment built on integrity and extensive knowledge of Corvettes and market activity. To create a place where Corvette buyers and sellers will feel confident and secure with their transaction.  Mission accomplished!  

The Vette Net has assisted in thousands of transactions since the beginning. We are proud of our reputation for integrity with excellent client service and product knowledge. Today, The Vette Net reaches a worldwide audience.  

Now meet the members of The Vette Net team: 

Catalin "KEN" Mihai is the founder and President / CEO of The Vette Net. His email is [email protected]. You can call Ken at 866-838-8363 (EST Zone). He lives in the southeast and has clients worldwide. 

Larry Karlo is The Vette Net "Classics Specialist" Associate Broker.  He has considerable knowledge of classic Vettes. His email is [email protected]. You can call Larry at 877-578-3883 (EST Zone).  He lives in the Midwest and has clients worldwide.



Would you like to be a Corvette Broker with The Vette Net? 

We encourage other Corvette enthusiasts to become part of The Vette Net Corvette Broker Team. Contact us anytime and let’s “talk Corvette.”

FYI…….The Vette Net actively supports the Corvette community and is Lifetime Business Member #991 of the National Corvette Museum. The Vette Net was also one of the very first business sponsors of the Corvette Forum. Through our brokers we belong to various Corvette organizations like National Corvette Restorer Society (NCRS), National Council of Corvette Clubs (NCCC), and local Corvette clubs.




TheVetteNet.com and its broker associates do not own or consign the vehicles listed and will not be held responsible for any misrepresentations, inaccuracies, omissions, and errors in the vehicle description or photos provided by the owner.

We collect the seller's descriptive information and present it as such. Accordingly, there are no guarantees implied or otherwise. We will use our due diligence to provide an honest and detailed description of the vehicles we list. TheVetteNet.com and its broker associates will not knowingly list any Corvettes that do not comply with our company standards for vehicle and owner integrity.

Corvettes are sold by its respective owners in "AS IS", "WHERE IS" condition, and no warranty is implied by the owner. We recommend and will assist buyers with arranging third-party inspections and/or certifications and transportation services for any Corvette we list. We will not be held liable for any problems arising between the buyer and seller or third party services before or after the sale is completed.

Transactions will happen strictly between the buyer and a seller with TheVetteNet.com acting as a broker service connecting the two parties. We will offer in-kind mediation in case problems arise. Should that occur, we act as "Transaction Brokers" and make sure both the buyer's and seller's interests are respected. By using our services, you agree to relieve TheVetteNet.com and its broker associates of all liability or responsibility for any issues connected with the transaction (misrepresentation, omissions, inaccuracies, financial errors, damage/delay in transport, clerical errors, typographical errors , etc.). These occurrences are highly unusual, but they may happen. If disputes cannot be solved amicably, they will be addressed via the District Court of Sarasota County, Florida.